Central Zoo

Begin your visit by exploring the heart of the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo – the Central Zoo! You’ll encounter amazing animals, thrilling rides, and make memories with your family.

Stop at Monkey Island, where you’ll be entertained by the antics of the capuchin monkeys, expert swingers and climbers. Or, head straight for Sea Lion Beach to watch these playful creatures both above and below the water. Next door, visit the curious river otters, and catch a parade of penguins taking a refreshing plunge!

Along the way, take in the pheasants and magpies, then gaze eye-to-eye with an alligator. Up the hill, find lemurs playing among the vines and red pandas on patrol.

Pause to take in a view of the duck pond from the gazebo or catch a breeze as you relax on a shady bench. Next, head for the giant tortoise yard, and the Indiana Family Farm – where you can brush a goat, meet a cow, and pump water from the well.

Looking for kid-focused activities? Exercise your imagination as you climb aboard Little Poof, jump in the splash ponds and spraygrounds, or sit atop a bronze sculpture. Kids will also enjoy the pony rides and our 1860′s miniature train ride.

Throughout Central Zoo find convenient restrooms, treats, and snacks, and the Wild Things Gift Shop.