Wallace’s Flying Frog

Wallace's Flying Frog

Animal Profile

Scientific Name Rhacophorus nigropalmatus
Class Amphibians
Length 4 inches (10 cm)
Conservation status Stable


Where do they live?
Wallace’s flying frogs live in the tropical rain forests of Malaysia and Borneo. Wallace’s flying frogs stay in the trees almost all the time. They only come to the ground to mate and lay eggs.

Would this diet “bug” you?
These frogs eat only insects, and at the zoo, they are fed crickets.

Tiny but colorful
Wallace’s flying frogs are bright green with yellow sides. They can grow up to four inches.

Do they really fly?
When a predator threatens them or when they are looking for prey, Wallace’s flying frogs will leap from a branch. The membranes (thin layer of skin) between their toes and the loose skin flaps on their sides help them glide, sometimes 50 feet or more. Their toe pads help provide a soft landing, and also help them stick to tree trunks.

A vanishing resource
Wallace’s flying frogs prefer breeding and laying eggs in the smelly wallowing holes of the Asian rhinoceros. However, the Asian rhinoceros is almost extinct. This may harm the population of these frogs.