Seven Kangaroo Joeys Emerge in 2012

The Australian Adventure’s kangaroo yard is jumping with seven kangaroo joeys!

Most of the joeys were born last year in May or June, but they’ve only recently been out of their mothers’ pouches, exploring the world around them.  All of the joeys were sired by the zoo’s only adult male kangaroo, Mako, who arrived here last March.

Kangaroos are marsupials, so they are born in a highly underdeveloped state.  Right after birth, the joey crawls to the pouch, where it remains for months nursing and growing.

Even though a joey might be too big to fit into mom’s pouch, that doesn’t stop the joey from trying.  Don’t be surprised to see odd combinations of legs, feet, tails, and noses poking out of pouches on your first visit this spring!

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