Australian Adventure Capital Campaign

First opened in 1987, we are creating an exciting new version of this zoo favorite.

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Splash in Outback Springs – Opening 2016

Go ahead – kick off your shoes and wade into Outback Springs!  Like a cool oasis in the Australian Outback, Outback Springs beckons with clear water and large boulders.  Kids wade in the shallow water, building dams with small rocks or making tiny rafts from sticks.

The Land of Birds – Opening 2016

Cross the bridge into the Outback and experience the magic of Australia’s vast, desert interior.  Encounter a few of Australia’s 800 species of birds, including the strikingly-colored galah, also known as the rose-breasted cockatoo. Walk through a brand-new aviary teeming with cockatiels and magpies.  Brightly-colored rainbow lorikeets nibble on nectar, just like they would in the wild.

Nearby, four-foot-tall emus strut across their yard, showing off their shaggy gray feathers.  In the background, you hear the distinct call of a flock of kookaburras.  Hoo-oo-oo-oo-ah-ah-ah!

Meet the Reptiles – Opening 2016

Have you ever encountered a knob-tailed gecko?  How about a woma python?  These and other Australian reptiles greet you in the renovated Australian Adventure.  Stop by the tin-roofed hut and get nose-to-nose with these scaly creatures.

Meet the Mob – Opening 2016

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo was among the first to unveil a walk-through kangaroo experience when the Australian Adventure first opened in 1987.  This one-of-a-kind journey continues as you stroll among our mob of eastern grey kangaroos, which is one of the largest in any North American zoo.  Watch for ‘roos hopping across the path in front of you!

Say G’Day to the Dingoes – Opening 2016

As Australia’s top predator, dingoes have been persecuted and hunted for bounty.  The zoo’s dingo pack is among the largest in the country. On cool summer mornings, watch as the energetic dingoes explore their exhibit bordering the Outback Adventure River Ride.

Float on the Crocodile Creek Adventure Ride – Opening 2016

You’ll be drawn to a relaxing float on the Outback Adventure River Ride.  Already popular, exciting improvements will make the ride even better.  Authentic Outback details – as well as a few surprises – bring out the explorer in you!  Like all zoo rides, the Crocodile Creek Adventure Ride generates important income to support your non-profit zoo.

Welcome to Stingray Bay – Now Open!

See eye to eye with gentle stingrays as they glide across a shallow pool in a brand-new exhibit that’s sure to be a highlight of the new Australian Adventure.  Stingray Bay features up-close viewing opportunities and state-of-the-art life support systems.  Guests are allowed to touch stingrays under the guidance of zoo staff if the rays swim close enough!

Relax on the Plaza and Stroll Through The Reef – Now Open!

Bustling with activity, the Australian Adventure Plaza evokes the feeling of an Australian seaside resort village.  Colorful buildings themed with surfboards and fishing gear rim the space, which is dotted with umbrella-covered guest seating.  And don’t miss The Reef aquarium – sharks and tropical fish await in four newly-remodeled exhibit tanks!

Meet some of our Australian animals: