Fort Wayne Children's Zoo Home
The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is currently closed. Stay tuned for details about our Wild Zoo Spring Preview coming in April 2024.

Our Leadership & Staff

Rick Schuiteman Edit

Rick Schuiteman

Executive Director

AJ Harper 2022

AJ Harper
Director of Operations

Bonnie Kemp 2022

Bonnie Kemp
Director of Communication

Sara Morales

Sara Morales
Director of Finance

Michelle Smurl

Michelle Smurl
Director of Animal Care

Kami Fox

Kami Fox, DVM
Director of Animal Health & Conservation

Amy Lazoff 2022

Amy Lazoff
Director of Philanthropy and Community Relations

Casie Edited

Casie Shoaf
Director of Capital Projects & Facilities

Board of Directors

Board Of Directors 2022

Board of Directors
Tom Ackmann, President
Kathleen Anderson
Randy Brown, Secretary
Don Cates
Katie Davis
Sarah Earls, Vice President
Tom Ellis
Dominic Freiburger, Secretary
Chris Gomez, Immediate Past President
Mark Hagerman
Ashley Harman
Ron Howard

Molly Jorgenson

Bill Khorshid

Kyle Krish

Ashely Marcuccilli

Carly Maxwell

Paris McFarthing, Treasurer

Heather Schimmele

Gary Shearer
Rachel Steinhofer

Chuck Surack

Nick Talarico
Ron Turpin

Director Emeritus
Andy Brooks
James Johnston
Kristin Marcuccilli
Dan Nieter
Mike O’Hara

Cheryl Prater
Gary Probst
Linda Schroeder
Julianne Toenges

Fort Wayne Board of Park Commissioners Representative
Jenna Jauch