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Miniature Donkey Foal born in the Farm

A miniature donkey foal was born on August 31 in the Indiana Family Farm. Just hours after her birth, the female foal appears strong and healthy, and is already standing, walking, and nursing.  She has even attempted tiny bursts of running in her stall. The foal can be seen by zoo guests in the big […]

A Fluffy Frogmouth Chick!

On July 8, our tawny frogmouth pair hatched their second chick in two years!  Mom Henson and dad Max are devoted parents, but without the help of zoo keepers, the little chick may not have arrived at all. Using a remote video camera, keepers kept watch on the secretive, nocturnal birds to make sure they […]

Penguin Chick Hatches at the Zoo

A bundle of fluffy gray feathers arrived at the zoo on June 26, 2012:  A tiny black-footed penguin hatched to mother Right Pink and father Left Pink. (The penguins are identified by colored bands on each wing.)  Though the Pinks have raised several chicks, this penguin needed a little help entering the world.  A few […]

Seven Kangaroo Joeys Emerge in 2012

The Australian Adventure’s kangaroo yard is jumping with seven kangaroo joeys! Most of the joeys were born last year in May or June, but they’ve only recently been out of their mothers’ pouches, exploring the world around them.  All of the joeys were sired by the zoo’s only adult male kangaroo, Mako, who arrived here […]

Dingo Pups Born at Zoo

Zoo dingoes Naya and Mattie became the proud parents of seven adorable puppies on January 30.  The four male and three female pups are the first dingoes to be born at the zoo since 1988.    “All of the pups appear strong and healthy, and Naya and Mattie are excellent parents,” says Elaine Kirchner, Australian […]