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Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Giraffe Conservation Foundation (3)Africa

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) is an organization that works with various giraffe conservation initiatives spanning across 19 African countries. GCF supports conservation programs that protect and preserve all four species of giraffe living in the wild in Africa. This organization provides partners with technical support and monitors conservation programs in hopes of ensuring a future for these giraffe species in their natural habitats.

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Why do they need our support?

Giraffe populations have been steadily declining because of human population growth. Since 1980, giraffe populations have decreased about 25%, going from 155,000 wild individuals to 117,000 wild individuals.

How is the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo helping?

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is a proud financial supporter of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. Money raised by the GCF goes towards their mission of raising awareness of giraffe endangerment and furthering their ongoing conservation efforts.