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Kids for Nature invites every zoo guest to make a difference for wildlife conservation. Your vote at the Kids for Nature kiosk helps us direct our conservation commitment to projects locally and around the globe. Every vote matters!

On every visit, you’ll receive a penny to “vote” for your favorite project. Visit the Kids for Nature kiosk near the Lion Drinking Fountain and read about the three conservation projects. Cast your “vote” for your chosen project by dropping the penny in the wishing well. Your vote helps determine how much funding each project will receive.

Additional votes can be made with real quarters, nickels, and dimes – 100% of any added contributions will go toward the voted project. Total contributions are calculated during the 2023 Zoo Season.

2023 Kids for Nature Featured Projects

Red Panda

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The Zoo supports the Red Panda Network, the world leader in red panda conservation. Your Kids for Nature vote allows Red Panda Network to work with the communities who live alongside red pandas to secure sustainable livelihoods and live harmoniously with their local wildlife.

Asian Birds

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Asia is filled with a diverse bird population including the Wrinkled Hornbills. Your Kids for Nature vote will help conservation partners like the Hornbill Foundation to work alongside the indigenous communities to monitor the nesting and habitats of hornbills and eco restoration of the forests they call home.

Sumatran Orangutan


Your Kids for Nature vote supports conservation partners like Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) to collaborate with Indonesian authorities to locate and confiscate orangutans kept illegally, and rehabilitate and return wild orangutans to protected forest blocks.

One hundred percent of the funds raised from these three projects goes to Conservation Partners. The Zoo is a conservation leader, contributing more than $300,000 annually to local, regional, and international efforts to protect wild animals and habitats.

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