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Mitchell’s Satyr Butterfly Introduction

Mitchell's Satyr Butterfly Introduction (5)Michigan and Indiana

The Mitchell’s satyr butterfly is a species native to the eastern United States. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has created multiple projects and recovery plans in an effort to preserve this scarce butterfly species. Many of these projects focus on monitoring existing populations of the Mitchell’s satyr, creating programs based on the research gathers, and organizing outreach initiatives to educate local communities on the Mitchell’s satyr and how they can positively impact these butterfly populations.

Mitchell's Satyr Butterfly Introduction Map

Why do they need our support?

Of all eastern butterflies, they are one of the most geographically restricted, meaning there are very few areas in the United States where the Mitchell’s satyr butterfly is found. At one time, the Mitchell’s satyr butter could be found in multiple states including New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Maryland. Now as an endangered species, these butterflies can only be found in Michigan and Indiana. The declining numbers of the Mitchell’s satyr butterfly can be attributed to contamination and/or loss of natural habitat. This butterfly is native to prairie fen habitats, areas of peat-forming wetlands.

How is the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo helping?

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is a proud financial supporter of current efforts and programs that work to conserve and protect the Mitchell’s satyr butterfly.