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Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Pacific Marine Mammal CenterSouthern California

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center is a conservation organization that focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of Pacific marine mammals like seals and sea lions. They also continuously gather research that widens their view on proper rehabilitation methods. The Pacific Marine Mammal Center believes education is a critical part of their mission as well. They spend a large amount of time educating local communities on the importance of marine science and how they can be more eco-friendly.

Pacific Marine Mammal Center Map

Why do they need our support?

Many marine mammals are threatened because of the large amounts of litter that eventually finds its way to the ocean. Whether it is trash or lost fishing gear, it is important to keep our oceans clean, so the marine mammals have healthy ecosystems to thrive in.

How is the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo helping?

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is a proud financial supporter of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in their work to rescue and rehabilitate stranded California sea lions.