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Pan African Sanctuary Alliance

Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (4)Africa

The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance is a coalition of sanctuaries all working together to preserve primate life on the African continent. 23 sanctuaries and wildlife centers across 13 countries make up the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, and each of them work together to protect primate life in Africa and preserve their natural habitats. This organization places a strong emphasis on the education and empowering of local communities to create a network of specialists and supporters.

Pan African Sanctuary Alliance Map

Why do they need our support?

Primate species throughout Africa currently face multiple threats in the form of habitat loss and poaching. The ever-growing agriculture industry, as well as logging and mining industries, are all contributing factors to the disappearance of many African primate species. Primates are also very popular within the pet and bushmeat trade, another reason for the great conservation efforts of the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance.

How is the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo helping?

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is a proud financial supporter of the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, a coalition of sanctuaries who work together to rescue and rehabilitate monkeys and apes that are victims of illegal hunting or the illicit pet trade, as well as conduct research and provide programs to educate locals on the importance of saving African primates.