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Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program (4)Sumatra, Indonesia

The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program is a collaborative conservation initiative working towards preserving the declining Sumatran orangutan populations. Operating since 1999, this organization uses behavioral and conservation research to rescue and rehabilitate illegally kept orangutans, as well as educate people on the importance of orangutan conservation.

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Map

Why do they need our support?

Sumatran orangutan populations are declining for a number of reasons including habitat loss due to logging and the expansion of palm oil plantations and human settlements. Orangutans are also popular within the illegal pet trade. There are about 14,000 Sumatran orangutans remaining in the wild.

How is the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo helping?

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is proud to financially support the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program, whose efforts go towards preserving Sumatran orangutan populations.