Fort Wayne Children's Zoo Home

Guest Policies

At the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, we pride ourselves on being a beacon for conservation, a stage for unforgettable family memories, and a sanctuary where our diverse animal inhabitants can thrive. Please familiarize yourself with the following policies before you visit to help us ensure the safety and well-being of our visitors, animals, and staff.

Follow all posted signs for a safe and enjoyable visit to the Zoo.

Designated Feeding Areas: For an immersive and educational experience, we have designated feeding areas throughout the Zoo. These areas are marked clearly and supervised by our staff. You may only feed animals the food provided in these spaces.

No External Food or Objects: To ensure the health and safety of our animals, we do not allow outside food and objects to be brought into the exhibits. Do not feed the animals anything other than the food provided by our staff within the designated feeding areas.

Loose Articles: We advise against carrying loose articles that could end up in the enclosures. Please keep personal items secure and out of exhibit spaces. Do not throw anything at animals or into animal exhibits.

Guests are permitted in designated guest spaces only, including the main pathways to navigate the Zoo. Guests are not permitted to cross the barriers into restricted areas such as animal enclosures or other non-animal spaces.

No pets are permitted on Zoo grounds. Only working service animals are allowed.

Do not leave pets in vehicles.

Service animals are welcome to accompany guests into public areas of the Zoo, except for a limited number of areas where there is potential for direct contact between animals. The Guest Services staff can provide more information.

Certain items are best left at home. For the safety of the animals and the public, the following items are not permitted on Zoo grounds: balloons, grills, bikes, scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, roller skates, wheeled tennis shoes, noise makers, drones, remote-controlled toys, and alcohol that has not been provided by or purchased from the Zoo.

Help us preserve the integrity of our Zoo. Please do not destroy, damage, or remove plants, theming, or other Zoo property.

Unattended Bags: Please ensure your bags are not left unattended at any time during your visit.

Bag Inspection: We reserve the right to inspect suspicious or unattended bags.

Lost and Found: In the event of misplaced personal items, ask a staff member to direct you to our Lost and Found. Lost and found items will be kept for 30 days.

Damaged Guest Property: The Zoo is not responsible for damage to guest property while on Zoo grounds.

The Zoo is a smoke-free park. Thank you for not using traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or personal nicotine vaporizers on Zoo grounds or within 200 feet of the Zoo entrance.

Solicitation is not permitted on Zoo grounds.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to, escort from Zoo grounds, and/or revoke without a refund the Ticket or Membership of any individual or group who endangers our animals, staff, guests, or property; or who engages in verbal or physical harassment, discriminatory or threatening behavior, or otherwise interferes with the safety or enjoyment of the park by others.

Our full code of conduct is updated regularly and available at Zoo security.

For health and safety reasons, and to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo maintains the following dress code:

  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. (Exception: shoes at Australian Adventure water features)
  • Provocative or revealing clothing and clothing that is generally considered offensive are prohibited.
  • Disguises, costumes, or articles of clothing that conceal a person’s identity are prohibited.

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo reserves the right to deny or revoke admission to anyone who fails to comply with this dress code at the sole discretion of Zoo management. If you have questions or concerns, please contact a staff member or visit the Guest Services Building. This policy will not be implemented in such a way as to discriminate against a guest based upon any known protected characteristic.