How to Vote for Your Favorite 2016 Kids4Nature Animal

kids4nature-1How to Vote:

On every visit, you’ll receive a recycled metal washer that represents 10 cents. Visit the Kids4Nature kiosk near the Lion Drinking Fountain and read about the three conservation projects. Cast your “vote” for your favorite project by dropping the washer in the wishing well.  Your vote helps determine how much funding each project will receive.  Your vote helps direct our $90,000 conservation commitment for 2016!

Additional votes can be made with real quarters, nickels, and dimes – 100% of any added contributions will go toward the voted project. Total contributions are calculated from April – October.

Do you care about conservation?  Visit our conservation pages to learn what you can do at home, school or work, and at the zoo to help save wild animals and wild places.

The Contenders:

                                                                               Amur Leopard
With fewer than 50 individuals living in Russia’s far eastern wilderness, Amur leopards are one of the world’s most endangered mammals.  Kids4Nature supports organizations that enhance training for wildlife officers to protect these magnificent cats.

                                                             Marsh Wren
This tiny bird represents thousands of Midwestern animals and plants that depend on marshes, swamps, and wetlands for survival.  Using Kids4Nature funds, the zoo supports groups that protect these fragile ecosystems through land purchases and scientific study.

                                                       Tasmanian devil
A deadly cancer is wiping out Tasmanian devils, which live only on the small Australian island of Tasmania.  Research and breeding programs funded by Kids4Nature help build insurance populations of this iconic species.  Look for Tasmanian devils at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo later in 2016!