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Black Swan

Cygnus atratus

Quick Facts

Scientific name: Cygnus atratus
Class: Bird
Weight: Up to 20 pounds
Conservation status: Least concern
Life span: Up to 40 years
Number of offspring: 5 to 6 eggs at a time


I Live In Australia

The black swan can be found in around lakes, rivers, and swamplands in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.

I Am An Herbivore

The black swan’s diet consists of algae, weeds, and other aquatic plants, which the bird gets from plunging underwater.

Black Swans are Solitary

Black swans can more often be found living in monogamous pairs. They do tend to live in smaller groups during molting season, during which they lose all their feathers and are unable to fly.

Two Left Feet

While black swans are very graceful swimmers, once on land, they walk very slowly and clumsily.

Helping the Black Swan in the Wild

The black swans at the Zoo is enrolled in the Species Survival Plan (SSP). SSP is a program implemented by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to help ensure a genetically viable population exists.

I Am Important To My Ecosystem

Black swans are important to the ecosystem because they act as both predator and prey in their environment.


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