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Southeast Asian Box Turtle

Cuora amboinensis

Quick Facts

Scientific name: Cuora amboinensis
Class: Reptile
Weight: 20 pounds
Conservation status: Vulnerable
Life span: 25 to 30 years
Number of offspring: Two eggs at a time


I Live In Asia

The southeast Asian box turtle can be found in countries like India and Bangladesh, as well as countries throughout the region of southeastern Asia. They often settle in lowland freshwater environments like swamps and shallow lakes, but they also have been found in flooded rice paddies and man-made drainage systems like irrigation ditches and canals.

I Am An Omnivore

This turtle species has a mostly vegetarian diet of aquatic plants and fungi. However, they have been known to feast on aquatic insects, crickets, and fish as well.

Southeast Asian Box Turtles Are Solitary

Southeast Asian box turtles are most comfortable when by themselves.

Wonder In The Water

The Southeast Asian box turtle is a mostly aquatic species; they only emerge from the water to bask or to lay eggs.

Helping Southeast Asian Box Turtles in the Wild

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo supports Turtle Survival Alliance, an organization that focuses on turtle conservation, more specifically species at risk of extinction.

I Am Important To My Ecosystem

Southeast Asian box turtles are considered an indicator species, meaning their health, both good and bad, reflects the state and condition of their environment.


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