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African Journey

African Journey

Travel down the Safari Trail and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the African continent.

 Along the comfortable and accessible path, see zebras, wildebeest, vultures, and ostrich grazing on the grassy savannah. Next, enter the kopje rock formations to discover spotted hyenas, bat-eared foxes, banded mongoose, and servals. And, of course, experience the thrill of being nose to nose with the 400-pound king of beasts, the African lion!

Step into the shady African village where you will encounter de Brazza’s and colobus monkeys, and the spectacular leopard. Climb our 14-foot-platform to feed the reticulated giraffes – a totally unique experience you won’t want to miss!


Cape Porcupine

Red-billed Hornbill

Amur Leopard

Colobus Monkey

African Grey Parrot

Radiated Tortoises

Wattled Crane

White Stork


If you have special needs, we are happy to accommodate you. Please speak to the attendant before boarding your ride.
Note: Some rides operate seasonally; check at the zoo entrance for availability.



Put your toes in the treetops as you glide 38 feet into the air! Get a bird’s eye view of lions, zebras, wildebeest, and ostrich in the African Journey exhibit.

For your safety, please observe these rules:
Must be age 2 or older to ride
Maximum 3 people and 350 pounds per chair
Guests must be a minimum of 36” tall to ride &
Anyone under 50” tall must ride with an adult
Only one rider under 42” tall per chair
All riders must be able to sit up without assistance and have full upper body control




A spot to sit and enjoy a cold drink, warm pretzels, popcorn, and ICEES.

Free Activities



Little explorers can sit behind the wheel of a real Land Rover, peek into tents, play in our Nature Play area, beat on a drum, zoom in on zebra with the Savannah Viewers, and watch a vulture have a snack at daily Vulture Feedings.