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Double the Cuteness: Meet Oolong and Anne, Our Newest Red Pandas!

What could be cuter than one Red panda? Two Red pandas! The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo recently welcomed two new fuzzy faces – male and female Red pandas. Oolong and Anne are our newest red pandas, and they are making themselves right at home.

Oolong came from Binder Park Zoo and Anne came from Greenville Zoo, but have now joined the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo family. The Red panda pair can be found on the hill before the Indonesian Rain Forest, near the Ring-Tailed lemur exhibit.

Red pandas are easily recognizable by their reddish-brown coloration, small size, and bushy ringed tail. While Oolong and Anne look very similar, you can quickly identify them because Anne has more white on her face, while Oolong has more definition in the coloration on his face.

Since Oolong and Anne arrived, they quickly adjusted to their new home. Rachel, section supervisor of the Central Zoo, describes the pair as “Oolong is very rambunctious and often runs around the exhibit, leaping on bushes and over logs. Anne is a little more reserved and enjoys laying on the perches and relaxing. They can be seen enjoying their days napping on their perches or eating bamboo.”

Make sure to stop by the Red panda exhibit for a chance to meet Oolong and Anne. Visit in the early morning or late evening and you’ll find them more active and eating breakfast or dinner.


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Written by Communications Intern Courtney