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Our Volunteers

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo prepares to open for their 55th year of operation on April 27th. Included in these preparations are the training of numerous volunteers who have signed up for this upcoming season. While the zoo already has a wonderful group of volunteers, we are always looking for more people who are passionate about animals and the city of Fort Wayne.

The importance of volunteers here is both noticeable and significant. All staff members at the FWCZ are vital to the mission of the zoo, but volunteers are the backbone that truly ties the community to the amazing animals we are able to host. For those who are considering volunteering, we asked some of our longest-tenured volunteers to describe their experience here at FWCZ.

Bill Smith – 13 years

“If you want to have fun and enjoy learning about animals, it’s a great place to be. I like to be here because I enjoy learning, and there are so many different animals here to get to know. There is also a lot going on as far as conservation is concerned, the zoo performs a very important function in that area.”

Joan LeGrand – 20 years

“There are so many opportunities here for you as an individual. You get to learn so much, not just about animals, but also plants and conservation. I love sharing my knowledge with other people, as well as learning from them. Where else can you give so much back to the community?”

Susan Nash – 29 years

“I like going out with the animals to the schools and civic groups. I just really enjoy doing the zoo programs and talking to groups of people and sharing about the zoo. The people that you work with here are wonderful because they love animals too. You always have fun while you’re here, if you love animals this is the place to be.”

If you’re ready to have some fun and share your passion for the Zoo, visit our website at to complete an online application and print out two recommendation forms. Then a brief in-person interview, take the training classes and you’re ready to volunteer! Please contact: Kathy Terlizzi/Volunteer Superintendent at 260-427-6828, or e-mail with any questions.