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Celebrate Vets at the Zoo and All That They Do!

Fort Wayne IN – The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo invites guests to celebrate Zoo Vet Care Day on Wednesday, July 14 from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The Zoo will highlight various educational stations that will include learning opportunities and interactive experiences. These stations put focus on the importance of the Zoo veterinary staff, describe the education needed for the various vet positions, and detail the roles taken on by the hardworking veterinary staff.

“When animals are at their healthiest, we are able to witness their amazing natural behaviors,” Zoo Veterinary Technician, Sarah said. “As veterinary staff, we help all of the creatures, big and small, maximize their greatness.”

Zoo Vet Care Day is a unique opportunity to glimpse into the working life of Zoo’s veterinary team. From radiology, wound care, and running lab tests to general examinations, Zoo vets will demonstrate a multitude of their daily tasks at interactive stations around Central Zoo. Young guests can bring in their own stuffed animals to be examined for good health by the Vet Team.

Zoo Vet Care Day at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is an important day to celebrate the amazing care the Zoo animals receive by the Zoo’s veterinary staff and inform guests about the education and experiences needed to fill a veterinary role in a zoological setting.

Zoo Vet Care Day activities are free with paid Zoo admission.



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