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See How Cool and Gross Nature can be on Grossology Day

Fort Wayne IN – The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo invites guests to embrace the gross parts of animal life through hands-on experiences during our Grossology event on Tuesday, June 8, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Grossology Day allows Zoo guests to learn how essential and cool the off-putting aspects of nature are for survival in engaging and educational ways.

“The things we think are less desirable and make us uncomfortable are what animals use to keep themselves healthy and safe,” Director of Animal Programs Dr. Joe Smith said. “Even things like feces and dead skin serve important purposes.”

Grossology stations throughout Central Zoo will include learning opportunities as well as projects such as making slime and matching games. Some of these stations include take-home activities while others will be completed at the Zoo, but each one has a cool/gross twist to keep it interesting.

“Grossology gives guests a chance to see the unusual things animals do in a new perspective,” Smith said. “And it’s lots of fun!”

Grossology activities are free with paid Zoo admission.



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The Zoo is a conservation leader, contributing annually to local, regional, and international efforts to protect wild animals and habitats. The Zoo cares for more than 1500 animals and participates in 63 cooperative species survival plans.

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