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Colorful Coral Conservation

With a rainbow’s worth of fish swimming around you and sharks patrolling their side of the water, one can imagine what it might be like to be an ocean animal when exploring The Reef in Australian Adventure. But have you ever noticed the coral? In The Reef, synthetic coral of all shapes and colo ... Read More

Conservation Story: Mariana Avifauna Conservation

“I felt like I was walking on the set of Avatar, with the glow-in-dark mushrooms and gigantic trees in the forest. It was very awe-inspiring.” In March of 2023, Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo Head Veterinarian, Dr. Kami Fox, teamed up with Mariana Avifauna Conservation (MAC) an ... Read More

NEW Bamboo Forest Adventure Play and Marketplace

Bamboo Forest to Open Fall 2023 Fort Wayne IN – Construction continues at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo with Bamboo Forest Adventure Play and Marketplace which is set to open later this Zoo season. Bamboo Forest is part of the new reimagined Asian T ... Read More

Red Pandas at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo has new excitement buzzing at Red Panda Ridge, but who exactly are the four red pandas who now call this new habitat home? The Zoo is home to two different species of red pandas, Chinese and Himalayan. Paula and Phayara are a mother and daughter pair of Chinese Red ... Read More

Meet the Tower

As the saying goes “home is where the heart is”, and Mystic, Ezeji, Luna, and Faye are four giraffes who delight daily in their home at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo: Using their tongues they munch on tasty leaves, as they explore their habitat, while the curious onlookers with big smiles let ... Read More

Penny, A Curious Ostrich

Penny, A Curious Ostrich While enjoying the Fort Wayne Children Zoo’s African Savannah, you may have encountered a large, long necked bird running on two legs. Penny the ostrich loves interacting with guests and is one of the most curious and well-known animals at the Fort Wayn ... Read More

Say Hello to Gherkin!

Say Hello to Gherkin! Meet Gherkin! This lovely lady is the resident northern tree shrew here at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. She has lived in the Rainforest Room for over two years and, although sometimes arboreal, Gherkin spends much of her time close to the ground. Describ ... Read More