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International Women's Month: Meet Shelley

International Women’s Month: Meet Shelley If you ask Shelley Scherer to pick a favorite memory from her 30 seasons at the Zoo, she will tell you it’s impossible. “I’ve seen sea lions swim for the first time in their new exhibit, I’ve ... Read More

International Women's Month: Meet Tanisha

Women of the Zoo: Meet Tanisha “I told my mom, ‘I cannot do this. It smells like fish, my hair was getting wet, the humidity was crazy, and I am miserable – I am out!’ but she told me to stick it out – don’t give up and see this through…and here I am today.” In ... Read More

International Women's Month: Meet Dr. Kami

Women of the Zoo: Meet Dr. Kami How did Dr. Kami go from a young child caring for farm animals in the country to a Staff Veterinarian examining Sumatran Tigers here at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo? Well, her journey is marked with personal an ... Read More

From Ethyl to Edgar

From Ethyl to Edgar You might have noticed that Edgar the Marabou Stork isn’t behind the giraffe anymore. No, Edgar didn’t fly away nor is he hiding from you! This winged friend took a few steps over to his new home on the Savannah. Since he’s moving in wi ... Read More

Peacock Café

Peacock Café is Here! Needing a little pep in your step as you start your Zoo journey? You’re in luck: Peacock Café is officially open! With delicious coffee and treats, you’re sure to start your visit off on the right paw. Menu: Co ... Read More