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Australian Adventure

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Your Australian Adventure begins as you cross the railroad tracks and venture into the Australian Plaza!

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Yellow Tang

Orbiculate Batfish

Goldspotted Spinefoot

The Reef
Start your journey in The Reef, where you will encounter aquatics species of all shapes, sizes, and colors. From the moon jelly to the yellow tang to the zebra shark. You won’t have to hold your breath to catch a glimpse of all these unique species. Stingray Bay is your next stop! Step inside and experience a close encounter with the two stingray species who live in Stingray Bay.

Crocodile Creek Adventure Ride
G’Day mate! Hop into a dugout canoe and see Australian Adventure from a different perspective. Learn about the lifecycle of a crocodile as you meander past the dingoes and the mob of eastern grey kangaroos who might just be lounging on the beach.

If you have special needs, we are happy to accommodate you. Please speak to the attendant before boarding your ride. 

Kangaroo Yard
Don’t miss the Kangaroo Yard, where eastern grey kangaroos can be found lounging on the beach. Keep watch of where you are walking, sometimes they will hop right onto the path!

Australian Aviary
Walk through the Australian Aviary if you would like to see Australia’s feathery finest up close. From lorikeets to ibises to lapwings, these birds make up a rainbow of colors. Can you spot each species? Your Australian Adventure ends at the dingo exhibit, where the dingoes can be seen roaming throughout their space.

Stingray Feeding
Connect with the stingrays in a unique way by participating in a stingray feeding! Available at 11 AM and 2 PM for $6, experience a stingray eating out of the palm of your own hand. Purchase your feeding experience here.

Ray’s Barefoot Grill
Snag a bite to eat at Ray’s Barefoot Grill! At Ray’s you can grab burgers, wraps, salads, and a cold drink to cool down on the warm, sunny days at the Zoo.

Matilda’s Sweet Treats
Follow up lunch at Ray’s with a sweet treat from Matilda’s, where you will find ice cream, Dole Whip, and other yummy snacks.

Restrooms in Australian Adventure are located around the corner from Ray’s Barefoot Grill. All restrooms at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo are handicap accessible.

Rest Areas
Rest areas in Australian Adventure are located in the Plaza just outside of Ray’s Barefoot Grill.

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is a KultureCity certified Sensory Inclusive Venue. All Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo staff are trained to help guests with sensory needs enjoy their Zoo visit, and KultureCity Sensory Bags can be checked out at the Guest Services building.

What areas of Australian Adventure are wheelchair accessible?

All of Australian Adventure, including the restrooms in the Australian Plaza, is wheelchair accessible.

What areas of Australian Adventure are stroller accessible?

All of Australian Adventure, including the restrooms in the Australian Plaza, is stroller accessible.

Can I bring outside food and beverage to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo?

Guests are allowed to bring outside food and beverages to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. In Australian Adventure, there are picnic tables in the Australian Plaza outside of Ray’s where guests can sit down to eat.

Where is the first-aid room?

The First-aid Room is in the Central Zoo near the Guest Services building. However, there are first-aid kits located throughout Australian Adventure, and all Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo employees are first-aid trained and can assist guests with first-aid needs.

Where can I nurse my child?

Nursing spaces are available in the Guest Services building at the Zoo’s main entrance.

Are there opportunities to meet a Zoo Keeper?

There are daily opportunities to meet some of the Zoo Keepers who work at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. The 2024 Keeper Chat schedule is coming soon!