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African Journey

African Journey

Travel down the Safari Trail and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the African continent.

African Journey Map

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Ring-tailed Lemur

Cape Porcupine

Red-billed Hornbill

Amur Leopard

Colobus Monkey

African Grey Parrot

Radiated Tortoise

The Radiated Tortosises are found in the African Journey

Wattled Crane

Wattled crane is found in the African Journey

White Stork

White storks are found in the African Journey

Great White Pelican

White Pelicans are found in the African Journey

Buff-crested Bustard

Verreaux’s Eagle Owl

Verroux's eagle owl is found in the African Journey


Plains Zebra

Reticulated Giraffe

The Giraffes are found in the African Journey

White-bearded Wildebeest

Safari Trail
Talk a walk down the Safari Trail and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the African continent. Accessible for all, the Safari Trail will lead you past the African Veldt, where you may just spy wildebeest, a zebra or two, and an ostrich roaming the grassy savannah. Hop into one of our two Safari Jeeps for a photo and be transported to what it might be like to roam the African plains on safari. Wander through the kopje rocks, modeled after the ancient rock formations found throughout the Serengeti plains in Africa. Here you will discover spotted hyenas, white storks, bat-eared foxes, and much more. You may even hear a mighty roar from the African lions!

African Village
Step into the African Village where you will hear the sounds of the African grey parrots and watch the ring-tailed lemurs leap from branch to branch. Snap a photo in the canvas tents and imagine how it would feel to spend a night under the stars on an African safari. See if you can spot the Amur leopard, who is an expert at camouflaging, amongst the trees and brush! Climb our 14-foot platform to come face-to-face with the reticulated giraffe before making your way to the Zebra Research Station.

African Veldt
­As you leave giraffe platform, be sure to stop at the African Veldt lookout! The African Veldt was one of the first mixed species exhibits on an open pasture, and today you can spot a variety of animals including the white-bearded wildebeest, plain’s zebras, ostrich, and vultures.

Zebra Research Station
Before you leave African Journey and venture on to the next part of the Zoo, be sure to swing by the Zebra Research Station, where you can use the Savannah Viewers to get an even closer look at the zebras, and other animals, who roam across the African Veldt, including the ostrich. Did you know that ostriches lay the largest eggs in the world, weighing 3.1 pounds? Although not exactly true to size, stop for a fun photo at the ostrich eggs after passing through the Zebra Research Station!

Sky Safari
Take to the sky as you glide 38 feet into the air to get a sneak peek at some of the animals who call African Journey home! See if you can spot the zebras, wildebeest, and ostrich on the African Veldt or the lions in the kopjes. Purchase tickets here.

If you have special needs, we are happy to accommodate you. Please speak to the attendant before boarding your ride.

For your safety on the Sky Safari, please observe these rules:

  • Must be age 2 or older
  • Maximum 3 people and 350 pounds per chair
  • Guests must be a minimum of 36″ tall
  • Anyone under 50″ must ride with adult
  • Only one rider under 50″ tall per chair
  • All riders much be able to sit up without assistances and have full upper body control

Giraffe Platform
Take part in a unique animal experience where guests can feed any of the five reticulated giraffes up at Giraffe Platform. Giraffes can eat up to 75 pounds of food each day, and the giraffes at the Zoo love to visit guests at the Platform to see what tasty greens they might find. Guests can purchase one piece of lettuce for $2 or five pieces of lettuce for $6 if they would like to take part in this feeding experience. Purchase your feeding experience here.

Sitatunga Feeding
NEW THIS 2024 SEASON, guests are now able to take part in a sitatunga feeding! This feeding experience will allow guests to interact with this unique aquatic antelope species in new ways here at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. Purchase your feeding experience here.

Market Oasis
Stop and rest your feet at Market Oasis, where you can enjoy a quick snack like soft pretzels or popcorn. Sitting just across the way from Nature Play, have an ICEE to cool down while children are welcome to run around and explore the Nature Play area!

Restrooms in African Journey are located just outside the entrance to the Sky Safari ride and at the Market Oasis, across from the ring-tailed lemur exhibit. All restrooms at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo are handicap accessible.

Rest Areas
Rest areas are located throughout African Journey to allow guests a spot to take a moment in the shade before heading off down Safari Trail. Rest areas include:

  • Rest Area by Swamp Monkey Exhibit
  • Mother’s Alcove by Great White Pelicans Exhibit
  • Market Oasis
  • Zebra Research Station
  • Grassy Area for Service Dog Use by Zebra Research Station
  • Quiet Area by Wattled Crane Exhibit

Quiet Areas
The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is a KultureCity certified Sensory Inclusive Venue. All Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo staff are trained to help guests with sensory needs enjoy their Zoo visit, and KultureCity Sensory Bags can be checked out at the Guest Services building. African Journey also has various quiet areas, identified on the map and in-person with signs, that allow guests a break from all the exciting activities throughout the Zoo. Quiet areas include:

  • Mother’s Alcove by Great White Pelicans Exhibit
  • Quiet Area by Wattled Crane Exhibit

Headphone Zones
African Journey has designated headphone zones, identified in-person with signs, to let guests know when it may be a good time to wear headphones. Headphone zones include:

  • African Tunnel
  • Nature Play
  • Giraffe Platform

What areas of African Journey are Wheelchair Accessible?

All of African Journey, including the restrooms in Market Oasis, is wheelchair accessible.

What areas of African Journey are stroller accessible?

All of African Journey is stroller accessible.

Can I bring outside food and beverage to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo?

Guests are allowed to bring outside food and beverages to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. In African Journey, there are picnic tables at Market Oasis and the Zebra Research Station where guests can sit down to eat.

Where is the first-aid room?

The First-aid Room is in the Central Zoo near the Guest Services building. However, there are first-aid kits located throughout African Journey, and all Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo employees are first-aid trained and can assist guests with first-aid needs.

Where can I nurse my child?

Nursing spaces are available at the Mother’s Alcove in African Journey, located just past the Great White Pelicans exhibit, as well as in the Guest Services building at the Zoo’s main entrance.

Are there opportunities to meet a Zoo Keeper?

There are daily opportunities to meet some of the Zoo Keepers who work at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. The 2024 Keeper Chat schedule is coming soon!